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About Me

Hi! I'm Jacqueline Sigona.

I am a painter and jewelry designer living and working in Redwood City, California.  Painting is my passion but I also love precision, fine craftsmanship, and the satisfaction of holding a work in my hand. For me, jewelry is that perfect blend of art and craft.

I first studied jewelry-making at Monterey Peninsula College. That whetted my appetite for more! Eventually, I graduated from the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco where I learned traditional techniques under master goldsmith Alan Revere.

My work is inspired by the beauty I see in the world around me. Beauty is everywhere! Of course I see it daily in amazing views around my neighborhood or in the way the fog rolls over the hills in the evening. But I also find beauty in the way the sand and sunlight fall over the flagstones in my backyard; or in the texture created by peeling paint on an old piece of wood.

This is the stuff that feeds my work. In my jewelry, I love juxtaposing earthy textures and organic shapes with touches of high-end design elements in the style of what I like to call "rustic meets refined."

I begin each piece with a pencil sketch where I play with shape and texture until I have something that I think captures an attitude, an experience, or even just a mood or memory of something around me. Then I bring the design to life using traditional goldsmithing techniques -- hammering, fusing, or carving wax models for casting.

And because being a responsible steward of this beautiful planet we've been gifted with is also important to me, I craft each piece from recycled precious metals and thoughtfully sourced stones.

My work is designed to delight, to inspire, and to be worn often! I ship out each piece with the hope that it might become a favorite. Something you wear every day. Something that makes you feel confident and chic.

I would love to see photos of you wearing my jewelry. Tag me on Instagram @jacquelinesigonajewelry. Thanks!