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Ring Sizing Tips

Professional or at-home sizing

The best way to your determine ring size is to be professionally sized at a local jewelry store or gallery that carries my work.

I’m also happy to send you a set of sizing gauges so you can determine your ring size at home.

Consider the following when measuring for your ring size:

1. Try to use an existing ring

  • If you have a ring that comfortably fits the desired finger, bring it to a gallery for sizing.
  • Or try find a ring at the gallery that fits comfortably. 
  • Select a ring the same width and shape as the ring you desire to get the best measurement.

2. Band width and shape will effect fit

  • Many ring sizing gauges have narrow bands. A size that’s comfortable in a narrow band may feel tight in a wide band. Rings with a concave shape tend to feel looser. It is best to try on a ring close in dimension and shape to the ring you desire.
  • If this isn’t possible and you’re still unsure, please contact me and I’ll let you know if the style you like is easier to size up or down.

3. Measure from the center of the ring, not from the leading edge

  • When using a ring sizing mandrel, use the size that falls at the center of the ring rather than the edge.
  • This is especially important for wider bands.

4. Consider your daily activities

  • You want a ring to fit comfortably but also securely.
  • Think about what you do with your hands in an average day and choose a size that will withstand those activities without being too tight. For example, a nurse may need a tighter fit than a graphic designer.
  • Remember that soap is a lubricant. You don’t want your ring to slip off every time you wash your hands or do the dishes.

5. Your ring size can change throughout the day

  • This is especially true for women.
  • Temperature, altitude, salt-intake, dehydration, air travel, and other factors cause your finger size to fluctuate.
  • For pieces you’ll wear everyday, measure your ring size more than once: in warm and cold weather, and at different times of the day. You may be surprised at the change.
  • It is best to size at the time of day when other rings (or shoes) fit comfortably, and select a size that will be comfortable most of the time.